New Album stuff :)

Salam. Hey ~Toooday lieyna just want to share for you ols about album i just bought few days ago , Hope like it. HOHO
First is ---> YG FAMILY CONCERT 2010
Cover Depan & have 2DVD Concert and 2CD Tracks :)
Back cover. Cover Se7en,BigBang.2NE1 and others YG artist inside this album :)
In Front Cover :) have 2 CD Tracks and 1 DVD Westlife Concert Tour , and plus i got ONE BIG WESTLIFE POSTER. Yeah ! hehe

P plus S : Dah abis tgk? sila jeles. LOL :p.After this i wanna buy BIGBANG ALIVE ! yeah,sgt teringin finally my mom give me permission to buy alive album at online shop :)
K.See U.and Bye ~